Six Great Habits of the Most Disciplined Leaders in India

Theodore Roosevelt aptly said, “With self-discipline, almost anything is possible.”

This saying holds true in every aspect of life and especially so when it comes to leadership. The most disciplined leaders in India rely on this quality to sharpen their decision-making skills. They lead by example, command respect from others, compartmentalize emotions, have an unwavering commitment to their goal, and eventually lead their organizations to success. 

Leadership relies heavily on discipline. While all other facets of good leadership are critical, they are all in vain without proper discipline. Self-discipline and leadership go hand in hand; it becomes easier to realize your goals and permeate the same motivation at all organizational levels. Top disciplined leaders are focused, follow a routine and remain persistent on their path to success.   

Businesses run by some of the most disciplined leaders in India are testament to improved productivity, efficient execution, and increased profitability. With discipline, a leader does so much more- he not only paves the way for himself but also leads his team and organizations to victory. 

Leading the self: Top disciplined leaders are committed to change and improve themselves and their decision-making. Discipline leads to better time management and planning, improving productivity. 

Leading your team: By infusing discipline, leaders create more leaders. Through team development and accountable leadership, they create a competitive edge and improve the efficacy of communication. That said, Sanjiv Bajaj, the Chairman and MD of Bajaj Finserv, is one such leader who has brought in tremendous knowledge and discipline not only in Bajaj Finance but across the Finserv businesses. 

Leading your organization: Top disciplined leaders such as Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman, managing director, and the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Ltd., and Sanjiv Bajaj, Chairman and MD of Bajaj Finserv, leverage discipline to create a high-performance environment. They empower their entire organization, inspire and motivate employees and remain focused on making an everlasting impact on customers and beyond.

Here are seven great habits of top disciplined leaders that have helped them achieve great heights both personally and professionally: 

They always have a plan. 

Be it regular day-to-day functioning or dealing with a crisis, disciplined leaders have a plan for everything. By inculcating discipline into their style of functioning, they set small milestones for themselves and their teams to help them stay focused and motivated. They can make the most of their time since they have planned the subsequent courses of action. 

Better to be an hour early than a minute late! 

Top Disciplined leaders are never tardy, and this is because they respect their time and the time of others. They are always on time, whether it is a high-priority meeting, a conference, or a regular day at work. They start the day early to remain as productive as possible by staying true to their schedule.

Steer clear of distractions!

The key to being successful is to remain focused and have clarity. These leaders are clear about what motivates them and things that distract them. Thus, while working, they steer clear of distractions as far as they can. 

Clear priorities, clearer perspective

Leaders at the top are clear about their priorities and what leads to their success. They can segregate priority items from ones that can be addressed at a later date and give those their immediate attention. They are proficient in planning, and their planning tools effectively guide them in the right direction.

Proactiveness is key

Disciplined leaders tend to be on top of things. They can not sit around and watch while things happen to them. On the contrary, they make things happen. Disciplined leaders are the most empowering leaders. Once they have a plan, they delegate and demonstrate accountability. They lead by example, take the initiative and encourage their teams to follow suit. They take full ownership of their actions. 

Top disciplined leaders are well-informed.

Top disciplined leaders like to stay informed because that lets them maintain control. They thoroughly research the projects they are working on and ensure their facts are in place. They keep an eye on everything around them, generally stay aware, and are voracious readers. 

These top leaders are self-discipline regarding their eating habits, exercise well, and have a timely sleep schedule. They rarely allow stress to get the better and thus are reasonable and rational decision-makers. To conclude, it is safe to say that self-discipline and leadership are two peas in a pod. Leaders with a strong sense of self-control and willpower are more likely to be meticulous and diligent in their work. With self-discipline, other aspects of leadership fall in place, resulting in success, profitability, and a highly motivated team.

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