The Future of 3d Exhibition Software: A Green Solution for Offline Events

Online virtual art exhibition software, also known as virtual exhibition, online exhibition, or virtual reality technology. So, which can be run based on web pages, abbreviated as WEB3D, is the core of next-generation Internet display technology and is the current trend of replacement and upgrading of Internet technology.

It is produced with the development of the Internet and (Virtual Reality) technology. Its purpose is to establish a three-dimensional virtual world on the Internet.  

After these extraordinary times, we need to rethink how we can gather without jeopardizing our health and reducing environmental stress. So, Online events are the only solution at present, and 3d exhibition software has been launched one after another in the past few months.

Everyone is looking for breakthroughs and attempts in various forms and contents, and also some excellent cases have appeared. Now is the time to show you some different solutions. 

How Virtual World Works 

A virtual event platform community can use virtual reality technology to use avatars to bring people all over the world together; everyone in this digital Collaborate, communicate and share knowledge within the premises.

Here you can host various events, from panel discussions to social gatherings or group meetings. The communities you build can access these events globally from any desktop or mobile device. 

A Green Solution  

Virtual Events Community Platforms the Events Industry Needs Modern Changes offers and a green solution to an event industry evolving into the modern era by providing online communication to large groups of people instead of face-to-face communication plans.  

Crisis and technological advancements have made event virtualization a priority. Because Giants like Facebook recently canceled a live event for 5,000 people because of the coronavirus. 

After hiring staff, renting the venue, organizing chairs, a stage, and renting a team of videographers, spent millions to put on the event. If they hosted the conference, also  it would cost them $9950, saving them a lot of money and making tickets available to more people. 

Benefits That Are Above Par  

  • Lifelike online events 
  • Built for people who don’t have the opportunity to socialize face-to-face. 
  • Protect environment 
  • Easy to attend  

Online events are less taxing on the environment because they don’t need to exist physically. Therefore, attendees do not need to travel or incur physical waste. 

With this technology and communities can meet online and attend events instantly from anywhere in the world and feel like they’re in the same room even in different countries…watch speakers talk about where the industry is headed without leaving your home and talking to the people at the virtual table, meeting other pioneers, etc… As long as you have a smartphone, you can attend virtual gatherings.

And Just tap a few buttons from your smartphone in the back of your taxi; you can participate in activities at home, at work, or on your computer. 

Remote Social Virtual attendees can walk around as if they were in real life, shaking hands with other virtual attendees. You can do your own real-life experience inside the virtual venue during the event. 

How to Navigate Through this 

Event organizers use tools to create and host events. Attendees use tools to create avatars that represent themselves. Both parties use their phones to join the event and act and control their characters as they would in the real event. 

Because Meetings can be held in groups or small groups, and even group meetings can be customized to discuss important topics. 

  • Customize your avatar 
  • Attend virtual, virtual breakout rooms 
  • social and networking 
  • Virtual planners’ group, Virtual workshops, 
  • the roundtable discussion, Virtual audience Q&A, voting,  

The realism of the product helps promote healthy relationships and communication. The future of social is virtual, where anyone can gather.

Our vision is to be a geographically agnostic place where people of all types come together for many reasons; events, conferences, parties, concerts, book clubs, and even family gatherings. Web3D virtual art exhibition software technology for online 3D roaming for virtual exhibition halls and virtual museums!  

Growing Demand 

People and businesses love it because of its friendly interactivity and realistic virtuosity time of participation. Technologies allow players to easily create interactive content such as 3D video games, architectural visualization, and real-time 3D animation. A fully integrated professional game engine. 

Real-time 3D exhibition software integrates all model files, UI files, audio files, and program codes to create the logical relationship of related files, etc., to output the exe file based on the web file, to facilitate real-time 3D interactive browsing on the web page.  

After opening the webpage. There will be a paragraph of the logo interpretation animation or the company’s corporate culture promotion animation, etc.; (the overall style design of the website, flash animation production, image icons, and other material design and production) 

Provides brief introductions and shortcut entries of important column contents for easy access by netizens. Promote important dynamic information, etc. 

The Layout of the Exhibition Center

And overall introduction to the planned exhibition hall with pictures and texts, including the construction history of the planned exhibition hall, the main functional layout of the exhibition center, the content of the main exhibition halls, etc. 

Through the website’s homepage, the dynamic information of the exhibition hall is released in the form of a list and webpage, and the netizens are notified of the specific activities of the exhibition hall. 

Make an indoor 3D model, and view the 3D results of the exhibits in the 3D system in two ways: Automatic and Interactive. So, The automatic form is the automatic playback of the 3D exhibits, and the interactive mode is the interactive operation and viewing of the 3D exhibits. 

360 Panoramic Roaming 

Through the 3D simulation scene, also you can roam freely in the virtual space through the mouse and keyboard, overlook the sky, walk on the ground, and realize any rotation, translation, vision distance adjustment, height adjustment, etc., of the scene. as well as Use the corresponding operation keys directly to complete the roaming of the 3D scene. 

When performing 3D roaming indoors, to avoid random roaming through walls, etc., it is necessary to support collision detection in data production and function development, to bring a better experience when users browse freely. 

The 360 panoramic roaming of the indoor and outdoor exhibition halls is very realistic. So, Users can zoom in, rotate, move forward and backward on the panoramic scene, or directly click on the hot spots on the two-dimensional navigation map to view the panoramic view at a fixed point.  

The 3D exhibition hall includes several large exhibition areas distributed on different floors, and the indoor space structure is relatively complex. 

Each floor’s 3D space position distribution is visually displayed through 3D virtual technology. Users can zoom in, zoom out, translate, rotate, etc., carefully check the 3D space layout of each floor. Also Provide users with a quick and convenient understanding of the function, purpose, and distribution of the exhibition hall.


The exhibition area information of the exhibition hall is display by multimedia method such as picture, text, video, and voice. 

The location and space of some important exhibition items in the exhibition area are subject to certain restrictions. The online exhibition hall conducts three-dimensional interaction of the exhibition items through. The three-dimensional object panorama, breaking through the limitations of time and space.

Allowing users to get more experience and better understand the exhibition items. 

The content of the exhibition items is relatively large. So, The system needs to provide the function of quickly searching and locating by name so that the public can browse the areas and content of their interest. 

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