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The Real Cost To Decorating Your Home

Planning a revamp? The cost of decorating your home from scratch might not be what you expect. Though money can be a bit uncomfortable to talk about, setting clear expectations helps you decide what to include and what not to include during the remodelling process.

As long as you are not doing any structural work, there is no plumbing, cabinets, or countertops, which typically cause the renovation costs to skyrocket. This blog takes you step-by-step through the entire process of decorating your home. Of course, your revamping budget has to cover all these pesky expenses:

Where To Start? The Real Cost Of Decorating :

You are probably thinking sofa, mattress, TV – easy! The truth is you need a lot more than just these three items to decorate your house and maintain it. How your home looks greatly influences your lifestyle and social circle. A truly upgraded home space should have a dresser, an armchair, a sturdy Chester, and stylish dining set for entertaining your guests. Ultimately, no matter how much you plan, renovating is no easy feat!

Redoing The Walls:

Paint is the most basic update you can make to your space, and it will completely change the interior of the house. Besides, a few paint buckets won’t cost more than a few thousand! A big room will take at least two. You can also mix and match to create wall patterns to make it more alluring.

Wallpaper can pack a punch too. Adding architectural details to the walls is also an option, but it will look like history. Wall plaster and other faux finishes are also trending right now. They are applied in multiple coats and can have your walls mimicking the beauty of different patterns. But it will be a little off the budget.

Outfit Your Furniture:

Maintaining a beautiful home is not easy. Hair and spills can be quite messy when you have a pet, children, and a busy routine. And keeping your furniture clean and protected all the time seems like a never-ending chore. But, you can dress your furniture like beds and sofas as you dress. It can be a vivid depiction of your mood and style.

Your bedding sense can change the entire look of your bedroom. You can also call it an instant makeover. Unique designs and vibrant hues can add elegance to your bedroom. You can buy bedding sets online in Pakistan to enhance the beauty of your furniture. Plus, it also makes you enjoy every moment with comfort and grace.

Wrinkle-free fitted sheets reflect a lot about your lifestyle and protect the mattress too. They snug your mattress tightly to give a neat and appealing look to your bed space. You can buy fitted bed sheets online Pakistan ranging from Rs.1,200 to Rs.5,000.

A waterproof mattress protector should be used to ensure the longevity of your mattress. It is the best way to keep your mattress odor-free, dry, and clean. Waterproof mattress protector in Pakistan keep the bed protected from allergens and dust mites. Pro Tip: Fill the bedroom with soothing fragrances to help you feel relaxed.

Similarly, a great way to protect the sofas and couches of your living room is using sofa covers. They are a perfect solution to your furniture struggles. Online sofa covers in Pakistan can make your living room clean and decorative. You can buy multiple patterns and hues and enjoy a great time changing up the entire look whenever you feel like it. It is not even heavy in the pocket. Sofa covers costs between Rs.3,000 to Rs.8,000.

Change The Ceiling:

More and more people are looking to add style to a room. Decorating the ceiling is a great way to boost your living room game. For an average of Rs.6,000 to Rs.8,000, you can give your room a new look with an ornate ceiling. Panels, patterns, glass, and mirrors are also installed to create interesting designs.

Window Treatments:

New window treatments include; blinds, drapes, and curtains. It can be an unexpectedly expensive part of revamping, mostly because they tend to have at least one window in each room. But good window treatments can pay for themselves over time by keeping your energy bills down. Expect to pay a minimum of Rs.30,000 per window for a treatment and a shade.

Final Word:

All these tips can give a quick makeover to your dream home with a unique and beautiful aesthetic appeal. Your budget may vary depending on the size of your rooms. You can always use other accessories to accentuate the final look of your house. Table lamps, matching rugs, frames, and a few vases would only multiply your budget by a few thousand. It will give the entire place an expensive feel. Enjoy the revamping process, as it will be among the best memories of your dream home!

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