Things you require for Installation of Football Turf and maintaining it

If you wish to enhance the standard of your football game, consider improving the quality of the football pitch. It would not be wrong to suggest that the quality of football turf would enhance the overall performance of the players as well. Therefore, you cannot be complacent with football turf field installation. The groundsmen of non-league clubs right to premiership clubs look forward to providing the best football turf well within their budgetary limitations. 

What do you require for football turf field installation? 


Football turf installation would require comprehensive planning and expertise. It would be pertinent to mention here that only a professional sports ground contractor would be able to provide the essential advice, skilled operatives, and equipment to ensure the smooth running of the turf construction. 

For a successful turf installation, you would require a professional with the expertise to handle the job. Rest assured that professional turf installation would also require planning, project design, and management. When you hire a professional for the job, he would perform quality work. He would be responsible for pitch construction, pitch specification, surface installation, proper drainage solution, and aftercare. 

What materials are used for professional turf installation? 

Consider using quality materials for the installation of football turf. However, the materials used for the installation of football turf for one project would be different based on the type of surface installed and the drainage solution for the other project. Find below a few vital factors based on the existing land along with the budget of the club. 

What does turf installation for football include? 

Turf installation for football would be inclusive of the following factors – 

  • Marking, fencing, and security of the pitch site 
  • Removing the present surface 
  • The drainage solution of the football pitch should include the main drain along a single touchline and for both touchlines, a crowned pitch. Consider adding washed drainage gravel filled at the back followed by drainage sand. 
  • Connecting the lateral drains into the main drain followed by washed drainage gravel filled at the back and drainage sand. 
  • Pitch specifications would determine the layering and depths of the turf. 
  • Using a tractor-mounted stone rake for final preparation of the ground. 
  • Application of a pre-turf and feed fertilizer for the field 
  • Installation of the turf using premium sports seed or sports turf 

These aspects would help you with the best sports field turf installation

Things to consider for artificial turf football field installation and maintenance 


Presently, artificial turf football field installation has replaced natural grass sports fields. A majority of sports clubs have been using synthetic grasses. It would not be wrong to suggest that artificial turf has become immensely popular for environmentally conscious people. 

However, maintenance of the artificial turf has become the need of the hour. It would be of immense importance that you protect the artificial turf on your football field after installation at all times. These few vital tips would help you maintain your football field in the best possible way. 

Foremost, consider acquiring a maintenance log from the supplier or installer of the artificial football turf. It would help you with all kinds of maintenance procedures you require doing and keeping into the log and updating them regularly. 

Keep a fence around the football field. Keep it gated and under supervision at all times. Install signage near the entrance of the football field mentioning the guidelines for terms of usage. 

Keep a trash can or litter box near the concrete sports area to maintain cleanliness on the football field. Ensure the spectators should use the trash cans rather than throw them on the football turf.

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