Tips For A Bride At A Big Fat Indian Wedding

Historically, a wedding in India is more of an elaborate festival that involves good food, fun, frolic, and attire. The infectious energy of any Indian wedding brings all the cultural customs and colours together.

Indian wedding dresses and bridal fashion is much talked about almost everywhere. Trends change every year, but the overpowering emotions stay.

Since marriage adds new colour and dimension to the life of the bride and the groom, it also brings in new hope. For a bride, the wedding day is the most precious day of her life. It is her dream moment, which she wants to live to the fullest. Indian dresses play a major role in dressing up a bride like a dream on the day of the wedding. It not only adds to the glamour and glitz of the extravagant affair but also heightens the wedding drama.

The Saga of Indian Wedding Dresses

The day of the wedding brings along matchless happiness. Indian dresses, jewellery, and makeup mark the precious day. However, with so much heavy embroidery and jewellery on the body, it is only natural for the bride to feel a little tedious at the end of the day.



Here, a few choices and decisions are important:

  • Fabric: To lend a luxurious feel to the Indian wedding dress, it is tempting to choose the heaviest fabric. However, as far as comfort goes, you should go with silk, jamawar, chiffon, or net. These fabrics are lavish yet comfortable.
  • Season: When is the wedding? A summer wedding calls for a lightweight net or chiffon lehenga choli. Even organza is an excellent luxe fabric that looks elegant and extraordinary. Silk is also fine for summer weddings. If you were getting married in the winter, a velvet lehenga choli would be apt.
  • Look: For chubby brides, designer sarees would be the best choice for the wedding. Indian designer sarees are made to perfection for decorative weddings. You can choose from colours, designs, motifs, and embroidery. From Banarasi Silk Sarees to Zari Embroidered Sarees, you can choose from thousands of designs and styles. Even slim-and-trim brides can opt for a wedding clad in a saree.

Indian Dresses for Weddings

Whilst the bride should wear her best look for the wedding, guests should also choose their Indian dresses from a wide array of choices.

  • Lehenga Choli: Lehenga is one of the traditional attires in India. The ensemble was a part of every Indian wedding. Today, brides choose lehenga over other Indian wedding dresses because this attire is fashionable, easy to wear, and hassle-free. Even the West embraced this particular wedding outfit to make it their very own.
  • Gharara/Sharara Suits: These suits add both volume and depth to the pre-wedding look. It is the best and the most comfortable outfit for wedding functions.
  • Anarkali Suits: If you love more flare and flow, these suits are the perfect choice for your mindset. The depth of Anarkali suits can reach many scales. The colours, design, material, and flare make it the most vivid yet hassle-free choice for a wedding. A long flowing dupatta with tassels adds to the volume of the ensemble.

Wedding Hairdo

Whilst the wedding outfit is very important, a matching hairstyle also highlights the style. Brides and the women in the house should take good care of their hair before the wedding. Apply hair oil and use a good quality shampoo that suits your hair type. Get a lovely hairstyle on a special day to suit your wedding dress, jewellery, and you.

Wedding Jewellery

Your statement jewellery can add new dimensions to the look, making you look more gorgeous on the wedding day. However, avoid wearing too much jewellery, as it might not match your look. Keep it simple, matching the colour of your outfit.

lehenga choli

Wedding Makeup

Makeup changes the look of a bride completely. It can transform your look and give you a photogenic face for the evening. Choose the minimalistic look for the day because that goes well with almost all kinds of attire. You can hire professional makeup artists to take care of your face for the grand day.

Wrapping Up

Of course, it is exciting to choose everything for the wedding day. Hoping that all goes well and you are all set to take your vows in the most amazing Indian wedding dress ever. Regardless of your choice, remember that comfort comes over fashion. If you are feeling at ease in an ensemble and makeup, you can enjoy the moment without being nervous. It shall enhance your appearance with every smile.


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