Transform Custom Hair Extension Boxes Elegantly Through these Tricks

Hair extensions are loved by everyone. There is a great trend of using hair extensions normally nowadays. In the global market, hair extensions have worth USD 5.8 billion and are about to reach USD 13.3 billion by 2026, increasing at a CAGR of 13 percent from 2021-2026.

If you are thinking to promoting your brand is a great way then read the following tricks quickly:

Select an Eco-friendly Material

There is a diverse type of materials available in the market which you can avail of. However, sustainable materials are the right choice because plastic material boxes can be really harmful to the environment and can cause damage to the environment. So, how you can do this?

Simply avail of sustainable custom hair extension packaging to place your extensions. And don’t worry about the bad packaging.

There are various packaging companies out there who provide awesome boxes which you will not regret afterward. The Custom kraft boxes are one of the best ones to place your hair extensions in.

Design Aspect is Essential

The design element on the boxes plays a great role. It is a design of the custom hair extension box that catches the attention of the potential buyer and sets your brand apart from the other competitors.

So, always focus on the design aspect in order to promote your brand to another level. For instance, for your hair extensions, you can imprint elegant hair graphics on the box. Moreover, you can add the window feature on the hair extensions to make them prominent on the retail shelves.

The window component looks awesome with the PVC addition. Through this feature, your customers can easily look at the hair extensions within the box as well.

You can design your custom box in any way you desire. Such as drawer style boxes for hair extensions look fabulous. Always think of easy solutions. For the customers who utilize hair extensions on daily basis, they would love to put them back in the box after using them.

So, regarding this aspect make your brand hair extension packaging boxes easy to use. For instance, the drawer style and rigid book-end box are really functional to use. Your customers can easily place their hair extensions within this box even on daily basis conveniently.

 Don’t forget the Magic of Elegant Typography

Typography is adopted by every brand regarding enhancing the outlook of the boxes. But the typography is not about just throwing the text on the box. However, it should be really elegant, so that people can get attracted to your brand by seeing your aesthetics.

Typography is the most essential tool in creating your brand’s distinctive identity. Try to make the typography for your hair extension boxes impactful that they can become memorable for the viewers. If you are showing the images regarding hair so, go for adding the taglines regarding your product. For instance, you can add a tagline for hair extension like “ Your hair at its best” etc.

In order to have impactful custom hair extension boxes, you can hire a good packaging company. Go for hiring Kwick Packaging company. It is one of the best packaging companies out there which provide free design services and free shipping all over the USA.

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