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What do you need in order to drive in Europe?

The most famous cities in Europe, such as Paris and London and Barcelona and Rome are the ones that grab attention. You will want to see the best of Europe, from the Postojna cavern in Slovenia to Avebury, the largest stone circle in the world, in the United Kingdom, to the rural villages along Spain’s Death Coast, you’ll need to be able to drive a car.

To enjoy the best weather and a manageable crowd, plan your European road trip in early fall or late spring. Before you travel to any destination, make sure you research the driving rules, laws, and road conditions.

There are some things you should remember to bring if you travel to Europe in your car this summer. There are some items that are required by law, and there are other essential pieces you will not want to forgo. Here’s a list of things you should remember when driving in Europe. Also, check out new requirements for traveling to Europe here.

Car Insurance

While many car insurance policies offer European coverage, it is important to inform your insurer if you plan to cross the channel. Your coverage could be automatically reduced from fully comprehensive to third-party-only under certain terms.

You can get European coverage if your standard insurance policy does not include it. This usually doesn’t cost much.

You should also bring your insurance certificate, permission for you to drive the vehicle abroad, and your V5C registration certificate. Also, take your driver’s license and a copy of your driver’s license information. It’s worth keeping your paper counterpart in case it is still valid.

European breakdown coverage? Keep the policy documentation with you in case of an accident. It will speed up the recovery process and help you get back on track sooner.

First aid kit in your car

Here is the list of countries, that require you to have a first aid kit in your car while traveling on their territory: Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium (locally registered vehicles only), Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia (company cars only), Georgia, Germany (locally registered vehicles only), Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine. This is one of the requirements in order to be able to drive in Europe.

International Driving Permit

An IDP is not required if you have a full Uk driving license to drive in Europe. You might consider getting an IDP if your older license is not recognized by officials. You should also have your driver’s license.

Safety equipment

While it is a good idea to bring a small emergency kit with you when on vacation, many European countries require that you have a minimum number of items in your vehicle.

These include a warning triangle and high visibility vests, spare bulbs, and a warning triangle. The French police recommend that you also have a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.

Adjust your vehicle’s headlights to avoid dazzling other drivers. You can purchase beam deflectors to modify the pattern of your headlights so they are safer.

GB sticker

Unless your number plate has ‘GB’, you will need a GB sticker. You will still require a separate GB sticker if the GB sticker is placed alongside the flags of the EU, England, Wales, or Scotland.

You will need to attach a GB sticker to your vehicle when driving in Spain, Malta, or Cyprus. If you have a car, you will need to bring your logbook. To prove that you are allowed to take the vehicle out of the UK, you will need a VE103 form if you rent or lease it.

You will also need an IDP if you travel outside of Europe.

You can obtain an IDP from either the AA or the RAC. It is valid for one year and must be applied at least three months prior to travel.

Drink-driving laws when driving abroad

Drink driving in foreign countries is more difficult than in the UK. Those who are caught are likely to face harsher penalties. If you don’t have enough cash, you may receive an immediate fine. Your car may also be taken away, leaving you without money and potentially stranded.

If you are planning on driving, we recommend that you not consume alcohol. We also advise you to find other transportation if you want to enjoy local tipples. If you decide to go for the latter, make sure that all alcohol has been filtered out before you drive again. It is possible for alcohol to remain in your blood longer than you expected. Driving after drinking has been shown to reduce reaction time and improve judgment.

Items that you should not use in your car when you drive in Europe

Most European countries ban the use of radar detectors.

Many countries demand that GPS navigation systems showing the location of fixed speed cameras is deactivated.

Many countries also ban the use of mobile phones that are handheld.

Final advice

This guideline will help you to stay legal and safe while traveling in Europe by car. The rules for motorcycles and trikes are different in each country. If you are also wondering which currency should you take in Europe also check out this article.

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