What In House Financing Options are Available for Plastic Surgery?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that Americans spent almost $16.7 billion on cosmetic surgeries in 2020 alone. Many elective procedures are canceled or postponed in 2020 due the COVID-19. They spend $16.7 billion, which is enormous. Of note, this figure would likely be higher. Patient wanted cosmetic surgery could finance the associated costs. If such procedures were accessible despite the health risks that plagued the year.

Why Should Patients Finance Cosmetic Surgery Procedures In-House?

There are countless reasons why an individual may choose to become a plastic surgery patient. The ability to look better, feel more self-confident, experience a greater sense of happiness, and live a higher-quality life represent just a few reasons why patients choose to undergo cosmetic procedures. Patients may want to reduce scarring or blemishes, tighten their skin, or change their body’s overall shape to look more aesthetic according to their own standards or societal expectations.

Unfortunately, many cosmetic surgeries are considered elective, which restricts their ability to be paid for by health insurance agencies. Even medically-necessary procedures are challenging to have covered by insurance. Patients may have to fight with their medical insurance agencies. Alternative treatments and medication have not resolved their pain. Otherwise, cosmetic surgeries cost thousands of dollars, which can result in debilitating debt faced by patients who must pay out-of-pocket.

While some surgeons offer a lower price for their services, this may indicate that they lack the credentials and experience necessary to provide their patients with their ideal results. Either way, patients who undergo cosmetic procedures must lose out on wages while healing and continue to pay their monthly bills. If patients can finance their surgeries in-house, they can decrease their stress, budget for their lives, create positive relationships with their surgeons, and obtain their surgeries more quickly than if they had to pay upfront.

Which Plastic Surgery Procedures can be Financed In-House?

This is up to the discretion of the surgeon and practice. Some of the commonly financed plastic surgery procedures are:

  • liposuction
  • body lift
  • facelift
  • rhinoplasty
  • breast augmentation
  • and scar removal

The surgeries listed above range from minimally invasive to highly invasive, each requiring different techniques and different expected recovery times. The cost of each surgery reflects the amount of skill, tools, surgical staff, and time required.

Plastic Surgery In-House Financing Options

Traditional In-House Financing

To finance cosmetic procedures in-house, patients and surgical providers establish payment plans in a direct contract, rather than a patient having to apply for financing options such as credit cards or loans through outside financial companies. Some of the perks associated with in-house financing are that payment plans generally have low- or no interest, no prepayment penalty, and clearly outlined monthly charges. Additionally, when compared to credit cards or loans, in-house financing is beneficial for patients because medical practices only run a soft credit check, which does not affect applicants’ credit. It is simple for patients to apply for in-house financing online, from anywhere, in just a few minutes!

Hybrid In-House Financing

Hybrid in-house financing takes place when an outside company works, on behalf of a medical practice, with a patient. This third party is in charge of ensuring that patients with in-house financing meet all legal and contractual requirements of their payment plans. Essentially, even though patients can sign up for in-house financing through the medical practice with whom they are working.

Hybrid in-house financing is more straightforward for patients than financing via an independent company. Patients are usually require to pay interest which is typically lower. The final payment contract plans can modified. Therefore, if a patient becomes economically burdened by outside costs, they can continue to live their daily lives without worrying about missing their due payments, dropping their credit score, and tarnishing their credit history.

Final Words

In the past, Millions of Americans have been unable to access plastic surgery to realize the body of their dreams. cosmetic procedures are costly. But we can push the patients for the cosmetic surgery if the financing options available. In-house funding options give patients the opportunity to improve their bodies with the help of the most trained surgeons. They allow their patients to fund interventions over a few months.

While traditional in-house financing is appealing because of minimal fees and interest. This financing option is relatively uncommon because of the financial risk to surgical practices. If patients fail to pay their debts on time, then such practices may forced to close any time. Further, many traditional in-house payment plans operate similarly to putting an item on layaway. Patients only undergo cosmetic operations after completing the monthly payments totaling the amount of their upcoming procedure. This can delay procedures by months or years, which is longer than many patients would like to wait.

Alternatively, hybrid in-house financing options is most commonly offered by surgical practices all parties involved in the transaction. The patient gets their surgery and can finance the fees over time; the surgical practice is paid by a new or loyal customer.; the financing company who manages the payment plan collects a small expense to provide services and remain in business. Visit the Denefits website today to learn more about how any patient can get financing for cosmetic surgery.


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