What should you look for in an offset smoker?

Whatever model you select, quality offset smokers have the same characteristics, when you go to purchase one that’s why we are covering the topic of What should you look for in an offset smoke.

Steps What should you look for in an offset smoker?

Quality of construction and insulation

As we have mentioned before, buying a model that is not of good quality and constructed from thin metal can result in the user having no control over the quantity of oxygen, heat, and smoke that is in the cooking chamber as well as where the smoke is dispersed.

If you are purchasing an offset smoker, you’ll need it to be made of at least 1/4 inch thick steel that has well-constructed vents and doors to the food chamber. It’s not going to be inexpensive. What should you look for in an offset smoker?


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Are reverse flow smokers better than the original ones?

The offset-style regular flow smokers pull smoke and heat from the firebox and then over the meat at least once, as it makes its exit from the chimney.

Offset smokers with reverse flow employ a baffle mechanism that draws smoke and heat under the cooking chamber prior to it being brought back over the meat to exit the chimney that is mounted to the exact same spot as the fireplace.

The system basically uses smoke and heat twice. people who support the design believe that by using the “over and under” process, the meat that is smoking becomes less tender and tasty.

If you’re unsure which one is which, remember that on a normal setup, the smokestack or chimney will be at the opposite side of the firebox. On the reverse flow offset smoker, it’s on the same side.


An effective way to avoid getting caught in the trap of purchasing an inexpensive (see “useless”) offset smoker, is to consider the price of the smoker as a reference.

A solidly constructed offset smoker should cost between $1800 to $1000 for a basic model. Although it’s certainly not expensive, the additional cost is going towards higher quality construction, which, as we’ve already mentioned, is crucial in ensuring your smoker is able to function properly.

Imagine investing money now to lower your frustration in the future. If that offset smoker offer at Home Depot looks too good to be true, that’s because it is.


This is a crucial step. Before you decide to purchase your new offset smoker, take measurements of the area you plan to put it.

Keep in mind that the reason why it’s described as”offset” smoker “offset” smoker, is because the grill and possibly the firebox gate are positioned on the sides or the back of the primary chamber which means you’ll have taken this into consideration.


As we’ve mentioned the offset smoker can weigh up to hundreds of pounds. If you’re contemplating bringing your offset smoker to parties or just moving it around your home it is recommended to buy one with wheels.

By using an offset smoker

To make sure you get the most out of the offset smoking device, we’ve prepared an in-depth user guide that you can follow. To give you the best start on the right track, here are some good suggestions for making use of an offset smoker. What should you look for in an offset smoker?

1. Cook using a combination of charcoal and wood

They are often described as “stick burners” which doesn’t mean you should exclusively use wood for the offset cooker.

Utilizing a mixture of wood and charcoal will enable you to obtain the smoky flavor of the wood while also benefiting from the ease of heating control that charcoal provides.

To get your offset smoker going you must fill the firebox up with coals that are fully lit from a chimney starter, and continue to add the wood to maintain the temperature.

2. Use a thermometer that is digital.

The temperature inside your offset cooker may be as high as 75 deg between one end in the cooker’s cooking area to another.

To ensure your meat is cooked evenly and to prevent any issues that may develop in your smoker You’ll have to monitor the temperatures at both ends of your smoker every 20 minutes.

The most effective method to accomplish this is using an electronic thermometer that is inserted through holes that you’ve made on both sides in the cooker chamber

3. Be gentle on the smoking

If you’re making use of a mix of charcoal and wood to smoke then you should adopt the ‘less is the better method to reduce the amount that smokey produce in your cooking chamber.

It is not necessary for you to soak wood chips; just add 4 ounces of them at approximately 10 minutes intervals, after the temperature has reached 200degF.

If you’re looking to step up your barbecue skills, Aaron Franklin has an outstanding Masterclass program in which he covers various topics, from wood selection to fire management selection. This is particularly beneficial for those cooking on an offset barbecue.


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