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Why You Need Best Bookshelf Speakers For 500 Dollars

The use of headphones is enough for late-night studying and public transit. But what if you want to blast some tunes? The answer to your question is bookshelf speakers for 500 dollars. Whether you are a casual party host, music lover, or movie buff, no audio system can be complete without a good set of speakers. If portability is not a priority for you, the sound that comes from stationary speakers is unable to be beaten.

Since the market is full of a wide range of prices, features, sizes, and designs, buying a new set of speakers can be overwhelming. If you are in the same doldrums, read this article to learn more about the speakers for a bookshelf that can ramp things up for you.

Before anything else, let us first understand what one considers while buying a set of new speakers.

1: Hi-Fi or Home Theatre

High-fidelity (hi-fi) and home theatres are for different purposes. A hi-fi audio system does focus on simulating the audio of a recording studio. On the other hand, a home theatre consists of several speakers to create a good movie sound experience.

2: Wireless or Wired

Some speakers may be connected wirelessly while the other physically. Although wired speakers are more of a hassle to set up, they can produce better sound consistency.

3: Sensitivity and Volume

How to load a speaker can be in decibels is its maximum acoustic output. On the other hand, the sensitivity means how a speaker efficiently converts the power of the amplifier into sound.

Below find the list of the best bookshelf speakers for 500 dollars.

1: Audioengine HDP6: Suitable for All

A lot of speakers were tested while reviewing this set of speakers. Their sound was almost similar to one another. However, the only exception was the Audioengine HDP6. The difference between this set of speakers and others was that the former’s sound was more clear and brighter than the latter. But as the price matters, the expensive KEF pair was better than this set of speakers.

The HDP6 is capable of delivering strong mids which shine when it comes to guitars and vocals. In addition to this, they make a quite balanced sound across the entire spectrum. For instance, towering compositions such as Nine Inch Nails “The Day the WHOLE World Went Away” came to life when played on these speakers.

Playing it with these speakers introduced nuances that were hard to notice on headphones. In addition to this, the recent album from Floating Points, the London Symphony Orchestra, and Pharoah, Promises was very captivating. Listening to this composition made me throw away from others floor-standing speakers. Such is an appeal of this set of speakers.

Where the design and look of this set are concerned, an attractive “walnut” enclosure helps it stand out in the ocean of utilitarian black. You will find no compromise on the design as well. There is no denying the fact that no floor-standing speakers or a subwoofer can deliver the room-shaking thump. The only set which can do this is the HDPP6 which performs with bass-heavy songs. However, the bass and drums are clear and punchy and do not have the most low-end of the test units.

2: KEF Q150: Create the Best Sound

If your only priority is sound quality, then the Q150 is something you would like. If we talk about the noted audiophile brand KEF, these speakers are just the entry-level option. Along with that, these entry-level speakers are the only ones who could beat the Audioengine’s in the blind taste test. Although they beat each other alternatingly and some people may not distinguish between the two, the KEF is slightly better than the other in sound quality.

At the extreme higher and lower ends of the spectrum, they have a bit more volume. It hits the Run the Jewels, “JU$T” a little bit harder and adds a certain sparkle to tracks such as The Beach Boys, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” The difference you may face depends on what you are playing and is thus subtle. However, this difference is not deniable in side-by-side testing.

In audio profiling, the KEF is like the Audioengine’s. Both are with a lot more midrange and treble and brighter than other speakers in this league. On top of that, they will surely satisfy you with their sound quality if you are listening to jazz or classical music on high-quality vinyl.

Nevertheless, the only thing that stops them from being the best is their price. They are the most expensive on the list. Although their sound is much better than that of the HDP6, the extra price of $200 is hard to justify.

Despite all this, the sound quality they produce is soothing enough to make them an appealing option.

3: Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR: Create a Surround Sound

One of the most famous speaker designers of all time, Andrew Jones designed the Pioneer’s SP-BS22A-LR for the company. Knowing that Andrew is behind this set is enough to imagine what kind of masterpiece he would have created. Although this set is more expensive than the models in the previous generation of Pioneer, their specialty is to work in a Dolby Atmos surround sound system.

Coming to its size and design, these speakers are 17.3 inches deep, 10.8 inches wide and 22.9 inches tall. Additionally, they come with three drivers which include a four-inch woofer facing upward, one-inch tweeter facing forward, and a four-inch woofer.

Do you know what a Dolby Atmos system is? Don’t know? You do need to worry. Let us find out. In a Dolby Atmos system, the sound will rout forward and upward to create a 360-degree true audio experience. A Dolby Atmos mix was included in the classic movies and albums such as The Matrix and Abbey Road and was remastered.

In addition to being the best for surround sound, these bookshelf speakers for 500 dollars are also a good pick if you want a stereo pick. Since this set is passive, what you need is to hook this up to a stereo receiver. That is why these speakers are an ideal pick if you want to build an audiophile surround sound system.

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