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4 Most Popular Types of Websites and What Makes Them Popular

Your website is only one of approximately 547,200 websites to join the World Wide Web daily. However, there’s a hierarchy to these numbers that’s not visible to the naked eye. You can categorize different web designs into a finite number based on their structure, format, and purpose. Once you’ve made these distinctions, you’ll find some types more than others.

Here are these websites and why they are so popular.

1. Business Websites

A business without a website may also be a business without a permit. Running a web-less business affects your credibility and inconveniences your audience. When you don’t have a website, you don’t have an online platform where people can learn about your values, products, and services.

Since no one likes to go out of their way to window shop, they’re unlikely to give your store a chance. Moreover, you’ll need an online platform to influence their buying decision and keep them informed about ongoing promotions and special products and services.

Here’s what a business website must contain:

  • Attractive logo design.
  • Matching color palette.
  • An “About” page for your focus and operations.
  • An “FAQ” section to answer the most frequently asked questions.
  • Insights based on user intent.
  • Contact details

 A Tablet Displaying Products on a Website

2. eCommerce Websites

eCommerce websites are like an extended version of business websites. They are an information resource for customers and a direct revenue-maker for business owners, but that wasn’t always the case.

While retail giants like Amazon and eBay existed well before the pandemic, their model didn’t enter the mainstream until the COVID-19 crisis forced every non-essential business to pack up and go home. Although the pandemic-related lockdowns are well behind us, we’ve gotten used to the new status quo, which includes buying things off eCommerce websites.

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, you don’t want us telling you how vulnerable it is against natural disasters and global pandemics. If you want to remain open outside business hours and run your operations despite future nationwide lockdowns, you need a fallback plan like an eCommerce website with the following features:

  • Easy navigation and search filters.
  • Efficient checkout
  • Big, bold calls to action.
  • A responsive custom web design.

3. Personal Blogs

Blogs might be a section in most professional web designs, but they can be websites in their own right, run single-handedly or by a small group. You can section a personal blog site into various categories or archives based on posting dates, themes, and whatnot, but cannot directly sell your products and services on the platform.

Although six million blogs are written worldwide daily, your blog must prioritize quality over quantity while adhering to its intended theme. For instance, travel bloggers keep their blogs fresh and update them one trip at a time. They write about their exploits and use images or graphic design elements to draw and retain their readers’ attention.

4. Online News

In a rapidly changing world, people don’t want to wait for the next day’s newspaper to catch the latest updates. News websites use textual content and computer-generated designs to keep people in the loop about developing local and international stories. They also have social media channels to inform people whenever there’s a new update, which drives clicks to their news website. Popular examples of news websites include NBC News, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

Running a news business can be incredibly cost-effective in this age when you don’t need to invest in printing to publish the latest stories.

You can easily set up a news website and guarantee its success by applying the features found on the most popular websites:

  • Apply a multi-column layout.
  • Include a cover shot and meta description with each post.
  • Make your textual content readable.
  • Make your textual content attractive with digital illustration
  • Use clean font and gentle colors.

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About the Author

Ian Palmer is a freelance web designer specializing in portfolio websites. He had to self-learn business and eCommerce websites to respond to their increasing demand during the pandemic. When Palmer isn’t designing websites, he’s adding designs to a folder entitled “Weird for the Win,” which may or may not exist online.

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