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Groom Your Adobe with Warli Wall Paintings to Bring Traditional and Cultural Look!

Generally, numerous artworks describe the tradition and culture of India. Such kinds of Warli Wall Paintings and arts are the best choice to make a beautiful and stylish environment. We all know that paintings and arts have been coming into existence since ancient times. One of these artworks is known as Warli which is the name of a village in Maharashtra (India). Such types of pictures are formulated on clay, wood, and other essential things. In old times, most people bought these decorative pieces to present at ceremonies, festivals, anniversaries, and birthdays.

After the development of technology, these Warli arts have been redesigned by experts or artists. Now, these things have several advantages that can help to glamorize your home. Many human beings want to transform their boring atmosphere into an exciting one. For this, your space needs decorative appliances to create a unique look. That’s why; the popularity of Warli wall paintings is on the top. At WallMantra, human beings are getting alluring and stylish arts for decoration.

Show Off Your Culture at Home with Warli Wall Paintings

Seriously, these traditional arts have been created according to Hindu mythology. Generally, it is a kind of Indian art that contains all types of the culture of India. Many people like to place religious artworks on their walls. But, you can add a glossy touch of Warli into the deities’ pictures. From WallMantra, you can achieve different kinds of adorable items for decoration. In the same manner, the exquisite traditional art in religious form is best to spruce up your room. Here is some deity’s artwork in this traditional artwork. From WallMantra, you can achieve several designs like:

  • Modern Hanging Set of 3 Pieces
  • Artwork in Hexagon Shape Canvas in Beautiful Style (Set of 4)
  • Folk Art Design (Set of 4)
  • Red Fashionable Design Frames (Set of 8)
  • Sinuous Trailed Frames Set of 2
  • Beautiful Designs of Warli Wall Paintings 61 x 41cm
  • Vintage Designs of Hanging

Few Characteristics of Warli Artworks

  • It mainly focuses on the bodies of humans and animals. They were depicted by the two triangles that touch each other. Both these triangles formulate the body of a human.
  • However, the figures of the female are different compared to the men. It is because of the head buns of females.
  • Honestly, this traditional art is completely based on different types of geometric shapes. These shapes have been introduced to show the symbols of the world and life around them. For example, a circle describes the sun and moon; a triangle expresses the mountains and trees. On the other hand, a square represents a piece of land or sacred enclosure.

Types of Warli Wall Paintings

We know that every picture contains different types of styles and themes. Due to the demand and need of customers, the artists have to formulate different kinds of themes. In the same manner, these Warli pictures also come in two different themes. These themes represent the social relationship, nature-cultural relationship, religious, material culture, dance, marriage, deities, etc. Have a look at two different kinds of these traditional pictures:

  • Ritualistic – Such types of paintings connect the present, past, and future. They are sacred and ritualistic and that’s why; people like to buy them. Lagna Chowk, Dev Chowk, Kanna, etc are examples of these types of images.
  • Non-Ritualistic – These kinds of arts are not related to any ritual. Usually, they are formulated for decoration. Hunting scenes, festival scenes like Holi, agricultural activities, etc are the best examples of non-ritualistic pictures.

How to Select the Best Warli Wall Paintings for Home?

If you want to buy these designable pieces, make sure to buy an eccentric and elegant style. It will help you to make your adobe authentic and different from others. At WallMantra, you can opt for several popular designs that can increase the vision of your dwellings. To select the best artwork, we will suggest you read the following steps:

  • Be clear on the type of artwork. There are two kinds of pictures that you can find online. So, it depends upon you to choose ritualistic or non-ritualistic. Both of them have their importance in decoration and attractiveness.
  • Choose an attractive color. If you also want to take attractive colors, it is advised to go through the wide collection of WallMantra. This platform includes several kinds of vibrant shades for decoration.
  • Select a suitable design. Warli paintings come with different types of designs and styles. All you need to do is choose the best of them. These designs are, for example, marriage, deities, agriculture, and so on. Hence, you can select as per your requirement.
  • Check out additional specifications. If you want to obtain a genuine product, it is better to read all the additional details of the painting. It will help you to bring the authentic and best product at home.

Where to Shop Decorative Warli Wall Paintings at Reasonable Price?

You can place your order through the official website of WallMantra. Due to advanced technology, people want something new and gorgeous online. Hence, we have the latest designs with lots of designs and styles. If you want to save your time and effort, the online option is the best and most affordable. At WallMantra, we know the value of different types of folk art forms. 

So, we allow users to select the best of our wide collection of Warli arts. As per your demand for this fork form, you can buy them at an affordable price. However, you can also shop for adorning framesets, photo frames, wall plates, shelves, clocks, mirrors, wooden hangings, coasters, aquariums, planters, decals, and so on.

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