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Top Most Popular Ethical Hacking Tools 2022

Penetration testing, intrusion testing, and red teaming are additional terms for ethical hacking.

Hacking is the process of breaking into a computer system using that system’s vulnerabilities in order to commit fraud, steal data, and invade someone’s privacy using Ethical Hacking Tools.

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Most Popular Ethical Hacking Tools 2022


It is an open-source tool that is widely used for security auditing and network discovery. Although Nmap was initially created to scan vast networks, it can also be used to scan a single host. It is also helpful for tasks like network inventory, scheduling service upgrades, and observing host or service uptime, according to network administrators.

Nmap analyses raw IP packets to find out

what hosts the network has available,

what offerings those hosts make,


One of the most effective exploit tools is Metasploit. It is a Rapid7 product. There are two versions available: a paid edition and a free edition. Both the Web UI and the command prompt can be used with Metasploit.

The following tasks are possible with Metasploit:

run fundamental network penetration tests

run quick analyses of vulnerabilities’ exploitability

Finding the network or importing scan results

Look through exploit modules and execute specific exploits on hosts.

Burp Clothes

Burp Suite is a well-liked platform for performing security testing on web applications. In order to support the entire testing process—from the initial mapping and analysis of an application’s attack surface to the discovery and exploitation of security vulnerabilities—it has a number of tools that cooperate with one another.

Burp is simple to use and gives administrators full control to use both automated testing and sophisticated manual techniques. Burp has features to help even the most seasoned testers with their work and is simple to configure.

Furious IP Scanner

Pinging each IP address to see if it is still active in all that Angry IP Scanner does before resolving its hostname, figuring out the MAC address, scanning ports, etc. TXT, XML, CSV, or IP-Port list files can be used to save the quantity of information gathered about each host. Angry IP Scanner can collect any data about scanned IPs with plugins.

Cain and Able

For Microsoft Operating Systems, there is a password recovery tool called Cain & Abel. By using any of the following techniques, it facilitates the simple recovery of different types of passwords:

while snooping on the network,

using a dictionary, brute force, and cryptanalysis attacks to decrypt encrypted passwords,

VoIP conversation recordings,

figuring out encrypted passwords

taking back wireless network keys,

displaying password fields

Security consultants, qualified penetration testers, and anyone else who intends to use Cain & Abel for moral purposes will find it to be a helpful tool.


Ethernet Capture is known as ettercap. It is a Man-in-the-Middle attack defense tool for networks. It includes live connection sniffing, real-time content filtering, and many other intriguing techniques. Network and host analysis features are built into Ettercap. It supports both active and passive protocol dissection.

All of the widely used operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, support Ettercap.


In a multiprotocol heterogeneous network environment, EtherPeek is a fantastic tool that makes network analysis simpler. EtherPeek is a quick and simple install tool that takes up less than 2 MB of space.

EtherPeek actively sniffs network traffic packets. AppleTalk, IP, IP Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), NetWare, TCP, UDP, NetBEUI, and NBT packets are among the protocols that EtherPeek by default supports.


Network administrators can resolve hostnames and scan TCP ports with the help of SuperScan. Its user-friendly interface makes it possible for you to:

Use any IP range to conduct ping and port scans.

Check out the responses from linked hosts.

Utilize the built-in editor to change the port list and port descriptions.

combining port lists to create new ones

Connect to any open port you find.

Any port can be given a personalized helper program.


QualysGuard is a comprehensive set of tools that can be used to streamline security operations and reduce compliance costs. It automates every aspect of IT system and web application auditing, compliance, and protection while delivering crucial security intelligence on demand.

A selection of tools that can monitor, find, and safeguard your global network is part of QualysGuard.


A web application security assessment tool called WebInspect aids in finding both known and undiscovered vulnerabilities in the Web application layer.


The previous name of LC4 was L0phtCrack. It is a program for auditing and recovering passwords. By utilizing dictionary, brute-force, and hybrid attacks, it is used to evaluate the strength of passwords and occasionally to recover forgotten Microsoft Windows passwords.

To speed up user transition to a different authentication system or to gain access to accounts with forgotten passwords, LC4 recovers Windows user account passwords.

Network security scanner by LANguard

LANguard Network Scanner keeps an eye on a network by scanning linked devices and reporting on each node. You can find out specifics about each operating system.

Additionally, it has a report set up in HTML format and can find registry problems. You can list the Mac address, currently logged-on user, and NetBIOS name table for each computer.

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