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Batch Import MBOX Files into Mac Mail Using The Manual Approach

Manual Way to Import MBOX to Apple Mail

Overview: Do your MBOX files come from SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Postbox, or another email programme? Want to use Apple Mail to view MBOX files rather than one of these clients, but are unsure how to do so? If so, carefully read the article. The best method to import MBOX files into Mac Mail in simple steps may be found here, along with some extra advantages. Find out what’s in store for you by reading the rest of this informative blog post.

How to Import MBOX to Apple Mail? The Manual Approach

  1. Move the MBOX data from the source PC to the Mac using an output device or memory stick. To begin importing the MBOX files, fire up the Apple Mail application.
  2. Choose File > Import Mailboxes to load an MBOX file into the software.
  3. You’ll see a bunch of import option dialogue boxes appear. Mark the box labelled “File in MBOX format” and hit the Next button.
  4. In the following box, select the directory where the MBOX files were saved. Since the MBOX file was located on the desktop, it is being imported there. When you’re done, pick one.
  5. Once an MBOX file is chosen, its contents will be imported. The time it takes to import an MBOX file depends on the size of the file.
  6. After a successful import, a notification will be displayed. Then, click the Done button. The imported messages will be stored in a subdirectory called Import.
  7. The emails will be available in the Import folder once the import process has been completed. The displayed folder name will be the one used to store the original MBOX file.
  8. As soon as you open the folder, a list of the emails will appear, but they will all have a fake sender and subject line.

Here you have it; the steps to manually import an MBOX file into Apple Mail. Now that you understand the manual method, there are a few more items in the essay you should read. Check them out and identify what they are.

How to Import MBOX Files into Mac Mail Despite Corrupted Files?

MBOX Converter Wizard is the most remarkable and complete programme for importing MBOX files to Mac Mail. It allows you to import not only healthy MBOX files, but also damaged ones, granting you access to previously inaccessible information. It is a comprehensive programme that allows you to open MBOX files in Apple Mail and convert them to EML, HTML, Text, and other file types. Consequently, if you ever have to convert MBOX to such file formats, you will know how to do it.

Complete Steps to Upload MBOX Files to Mac Mail?

  1. Download the MBOX app onto your Windows-powered device. Install it, then launch it, to import MBOX to Apple Mail.
  2. Select the Open tab, then Email Data file, and then either choose file or choose folder after opening the software.
  3. Start by navigating MBOX and copying all necessary files to the programme for further processing.
  4. You should now observe that the selected MBOX files have been uploaded to the left pane of the programme. You may now preview your files before importing them, if desired.
  5. Click the export tab and then select the saving option
  6. Click the Browse option to choose a suitable location for your files, then click Save button to import MBOX files into Mac Mail.

When you’re ready, follow the steps at the top of this page to manually import the files into Apple Mail.

Discover Some Benefits of the Professional Approach

  1. Import MBOX files into Mac Mail in bulk, including attachments and other properties.
  2. Before importing multiple MBOX files into your Mac Mail account, you may see them in a preview window.
  3. You can perform forensic analysis on MBOX files since you can view emails in Hex and sketch mode.
  4. You may use the search function to locate a certain text, email, or attachment with a single click.
  5. Allows you to choose where the generated files should be stored.
  6. Additionally, you may extract features like attachments and email addresses.
  7. Additionally, you may import MBOX into a number of storage alternatives, including Yahoo, Windows 10 mail, and others.


We have given you every option to import MBOX files into Mac Mail. Apple Mail supports both the manual and automated methods for opening MBOX files. The automated process also allows you to import corrupted MBOX files into Mac Mail and a variety of other email clients, including Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and others. You may perform both processes and import MBOX files directly into Mac Mail.

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