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Unique places to visit in Australia

New Year is around the corner, and there is no better way to take a vacation from your everyday routine than now. The world is filled with wonderful places to be. We understand that it can be really difficult to choose where you want to visit. This is why we are here. 

We would like to take you on a little trip to Australia. It is a gorgeous place that is the largest island and the smallest continent in the world. The continent is a perfect admixture of islands and beaches. Along with that, tourists also love to experience the little adventures and beauty the city holds. We also want to be a part of the fun, purchase your KLM booking and fly out on an adventurous trip. 

From the globally famous Sydney Opera House to Blue Mountains National Park, from  Bondi Beach to Daintree Rainforest, Australia has a lot for its adventurous guests to visit and explore. 

We have listed some of the most toured places here. Let’s give it a look. 

  • Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House has to, undoubtedly, top the list of Australian attractions. Listed under UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this place is the perfect start to the trip. This beautifully architectured building is visible from a distance as soon as you enter Sydney. When you reach the opera house and set your first foot inside it, the beautiful interiors will hit you in the face. Here, you and your family will get to be a part of the audience watching live shows and performances. In addition to that, you will also find museums, exhibits, and movie theatres, all inside one building. 

  • Kakadu National Park

Anthophilous is someone who loves to be surrounded by plants and natural beauty. If you are one, then you spend a day out at Kakadu National Park in Australia. With an amazing backdrop, this national park is a perfect collection of wetlands, swamps, waterfalls, and a huge range of flora and fauna. Plan a day out in the woods and spend a vacation like never before. You will encounter everything from small bugs to wild animals here. 

  • Daintree Rainforest

There are very few rainforests that are privately owned by people. Here in Australia, Daintree Rainforest is the oldest rainforest in the country that is still working to date. People from all over the world visit here, see the wonders, listen to the stories of the good old days, and spend a gorgeous evening in the forest. They will take you around the woods and make you explore each corner, and introduce you to a whole new range of plants, shrubs, herbs, and flowers. 

  • Bondi Beach

Are you looking for a beach vacation in Australia? Bondi Beach is the most renowned beach here and is also popular not only amongst the tourists but also loved by the locals. Thai pale is perfect for people who are looking for solace. With very few people, the calmness that fills the air, waves splashing lowly on the rocky edges, and clear blue sky, it is perfect for spending some time away from the hustle and bustle of life. Along with that, if you wish to get a little adventurous, you can get inside the water. Surf, swim, kayak, or dive into the sparkling water and have an experience that will stay with you. 

  • Blue Mountains National Park

As the name suggests, this place got its name because everywhere you will look here, you will see shades of blue. The turquoise water in the sea, clear blue sky, and eucalyptus trees make the perfect setting for you. These mountains are mentioned under the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Every explorer that has been here will give you feedback that will make you want to experience the whole view yourself. Along with all the beauty that these mountains and the forest around them have to offer, don’t miss out on The Three Sisters rock formation and the Katoomba Scenic railway. 

  • Great Ocean Road

The great ocean road is a two-day trip itself. This is a 300 km long road trip you would want to take with your family. The country founded this place for the people under the poverty line after the depression. Many got employment and still work here for their survival. The route is lined up with amazing food stalls, small huts, and workers clearing the rocks. We would recommend you not to bring your car but instead rent a bike or a cycle at the start of the road and explore it to its best. Don’t forget to try some of the best dishes served hot from the small hotels and food stalls. 


Australia is a huge island and has a lot of places for its visitors to explore. Make sure you plan the perfect vacation with Hawaiian airlines booking and get the best out of this place. Don’t forget to bring your camera along and capture the beauty it holds.

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