What Are The Main Features Of Jabra Headsets?

For communicating with clients or completing several tasks, every employee needs great concentration. It is all possible with Jabra headsets with innovative features.

These headsets help to improve the productivity and efficiency of the users as they let the multi-tasking while on the phone call. The devices also enhance well-being as they prevent the need to hold the handsets while making notes or typing some important information. 

You can ease all your office work with the excellent features of Jabra headsets. Keep reading the article to know deeply about them. 

The Major Key Features Of The Jabra Headsets

Active-Noise Canceling

Active noise cancellation is one of the greatest features of Jabra headsets that prevents background noise. It detects and interprets the incoming sound pattern, and in turn, develops an “anti-noise” mirror signal to resist it. Actually, its capacity to filter out disruptive noise is 75 percent. As a consequence, one can experience a considerably reduced noise level. 

This feature of headsets blocks the noise of ceiling fans, ACs, engine noise, and employee conversation. The headsets have microphones that pick up sound from all directions. The primary microphone is in front of the mouth and the secondary one takes up the background noise. These devices target the voice and block the background loud noise. 

Thus, this makes the voice clear to the users without worrying about any disturbance. The positive outcomes will be no missing clients’ deals and important discussions related to businesses. Besides this, employees can effortlessly move their heads, struggling with no inconvenience in audio quality. 

Other than this, this feature of the Jabra headsets is beneficial during the days when there is a load of tasks with certain deadlines. Everyone would like to concentrate on completing the office work at the given time. With the binaural corded headsets, employees are able to focus on their work and prevent noise. 

Great Bluetooth Range

The good-quality Jabra headsets have the best Bluetooth range of 100m/300ft. Instead of cable or wires, this feature runs by using radio waves and gets connected to many devices such as computers, laptops, and smartphones. 

In fact, the Bluetooth of the Jabra headsets allows the employees picking up the calls when not available on their own desks. When the phone rings, this feature has a notification sound which makes it easy to take up the call anytime and from anywhere. Thus, assuring no missed calls. More than this, employees can electronically connect them to different devices at a time. This means, it automatically switches from one device to another, depending on the requirement.  

For instance, employees can use the headsets for listening to audio files, meantime, they can even attend a client’s call. Hence, they can stress-freely walk in office premises and do other work such as checking the tasks or having an important conversation with co-workers, etc.

Custom Comfort Model

The office headsets should be adjustable and comfortable to wear. Using the Jabra headsets, employees can work with ease as they are very light-weighted and easy to put on for a long day. 

Here you can get the list of top Jabra headsets for office use.

Moreover, the model of these headsets has soft and comfortable ear cushions, providing a good relaxation while working for hours. In addition, their in-built microphone prevents any health issues such as back or shoulder strain as one can make movement effortlessly. With the convenience of these devices, employees can maintain their correct body posture. 

As these headsets are ergonomic, they can be easily adjusted according to comfort and removed without struggling. So, if you want to avoid the entangling of wires, corded Jabra headsets are the best option. Consequently, this will reduce the risk of health issues due to long hours of sitting in an exact position.

Superior Battery Power

The battery power of Jabra headsets is approximately around 12 to 20 hours. Whenever the battery level of the device reaches 5%, it automatically notifies the “Battery Low” message. However, when the remaining time is 5 hours, it announces the “Battery Medium”. 

However, by pressing the Multi-function button, one can check the battery status of the headsets anytime. Besides this, these devices roughly take 3 hours to charge battery completely. The headsets can still be used when charging. 

The excellent battery life of the Jabra headsets improves the productivity of the employees. If an individual struggles with running out of battery, the chance would have a huge impact on their work performance. Such as, during emergency calls from clients, important video conferencing, etc. The negative results can have a bad impression on customers

So, when there are Jabra headsets, there is no such situation to face. With a superior running timing of their batteries, employees can have long communication and soundful audio or video conferences. Moreover, there is no need for frequent charging. Consequently, they can complete all the tasks under no stress. 

Multi-Uses Range

When employees have to manage the different office tasks all together on a particular day, their productivity matters the most. Adding wireless or Bluetooth Jabra headsets to their workplace can allow better performance.

Employees can communicate with clients while working on the computer, searching files, and typing some information. In addition, they can pick up the customers’ calls even when away from their desks using Bluetooth headsets. There is a specific coverage area to which these devices allow a clear conversation from any space of the office. 

Thus, this improves the flexibility of the employees and eventually their efficiency. As a result, there is a good business profit. 

Summing Up

As you know, the Jabra Headsets are available in wireless and corded models. All types of headsets have great features, facilitating every task of users. Each employee can proficiently perform well without facing any difficulty in sound quality and struggling with background noise. 

They can have a conversation with clients when away from the desks which means no missing calls. Additionally, with the superior battery power, employees can complete their audio or video conferences on time. Furthermore, the comfort of the headsets assures the well-being of every user. 

So, purchase the Jabra Headsets and take advantage of the effectiveness of their all features. 

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