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What Makes You an Ideal Candidate for CDL A Home Daily Jobs?

PDriving a truck on long highways between states and staying away from family and friends does not feel good, especially if the truck driver has had the same routine for a few years. Fortunately, as the demand for logistics and transportation services rises, truck drivers can also find well-paying home every night CDL jobs especially in states such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

How are these CDL home daily jobs different from long haul trucking?

As the term suggests, CDL home daily truck driving jobs allow drivers to return to their place daily after a certain number of hours at work.  They usually drive in a 300-mile radius between consignment pick up and drop off points, ensuring safe transportation of stock assigned to them. Once they complete their duties for the day, they can indulge in good me-time in the comfort of their own home.

With a CDL home daily job, a truck driver has a fixed routine of 11 to 12 hours’ work – this may be better than that of a desk worker who is cooped up behind a computer screen and is entangled in monotonous typing and analytical tasks for a similar or longer duration.

Also, when selected by an established transportation company, the drivers have to work for only 5 days a week and always get 2 off days.

Who can apply for such jobs?

Any driver with a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) in the United States and on-road experience of a few years is eligible to apply for these exciting truck driving jobs. They are expected to have clean driving records – it implies that there should be no history of accidents or non-compliance with traffic rules. Experience of handling operating tractor-trailer combination, including doubles, is preferred.

In addition to good driving skills, the candidates should also have basic soft skills as they need to work in teams, communicating frequently with other drivers, the backoffice executives of the transportation company they work for, and the clients they serve.

Drivers’ responsibilities

While all CDL drivers understand what their work day would be like in a transportation company that manages deliveries for retail firms and distributors, they should also be aware of some other tasks to handle.

These include:

  • Conducting pre-trip checks and safety inspections for equipment daily
  • Hooking and unhooking trailers and converter dollies to/from tractors and/or trailers as required
  • Following dispatch instructions accurately and communicating with involved teams on dispatch status – such as arrival times, delays, and equipment problems, if any
  • Complying with transportation laws, as also company policies and code of conduct


What kind of remuneration can the selected drivers expect?

Just like the work-life balance, the payouts for CDL home daily jobs in PA and NJ are rewarding. Drivers recruited for such vocations can expect a salary of $1500 per week. The ones with experience running into a few years can negotiate for even higher amount. Some companies offer additional incentives for mileage covered over and above the usual targets. So, if a driver is making more trips between pick up and drop off points, and is doing the job without over-speeding or breaking any other traffic rule, there are opportunities for extra earnings.

The rewards do not stop at good money. After completing at least 3 months in their organization, truck drivers are entitled to medical, dental, vision, life insurance and 401k retirement fund benefits.

Besides their two weekly offs, the drivers also get paid vacations that allow them to spend their hard earned money on recreation and quality time with family.

How can eligible drivers apply for these jobs?

As the demand for cargo transportation solutions is on the rise in the post-pandemic phase, companies are heavily announcing vacancies for truck drivers online.

Drivers who are tired of their long haul jobs – and are looking for work where they get more time to spend at home – can make quick Google searches to grab the available opportunities. The best way is to visit a trusted company’s website directly and send an online application or an email to the recruitment team in HR.

If you have driven trucks packed with goods for some time and are ready to take the next leap in your career, apply for such CDL driver home daily jobs today.

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