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What You Need to Know About Water Pressure Cleaning

The use of water pressure cleaners in maintaining residential. And commercial structures has become increasingly popular over the past few years. In fact, most residence and business owners nowadays prefer water pressure cleaning over traditional cleaning methods to clean their homes, offices and business establishments. Sometimes a sufficient amount of water just isn’t enough to clean an area. Having a cleaning agent nearby will make it easier and more effective. If you’re planning on high pressure cleaning of your home. it’s a good idea to have some detergent around. Better be ready. You never know if that stain needs special attention.

Learn about the cleaning agents commonly used in high pressure cleaning before pouring them into the cleaning canister of a pressure washer. What exactly is water pressure cleaning. How does it work. And what are its advantages over traditional cleaning methods?

What is water pressure cleaning and how does it work?

It is a cleaning method commonly used to remove mold, stains, mildew, glue, graffiti, dirt and other unwanted substances on exterior surfaces. It involves the use of a pressure washer in which water is forced through a small opening in a rubber or thermoplastic hose. The water coming out of a metal tip attach to the opening of the hose is pumped out with enough pressure (at 8,000 psi) to create cleaning power.

One of the main components of the water pressure cleaner is a motor. Contains a heating unit, a high pressure hose, a metal nozzle and a water pump. The pump is considered the heart of the pressure cleaner. Because this is where the cleaning power of the machine originates. Driven by an electric motor or fuel-powered engine. The pump determines the amount of pressure to be given to the water to generate enough cleaning power.

What are the advantages of using a water pressure cleaner?

Water pressure cleaning has three major advantages that make it an advantage over traditional cleaning methods.

It provides ease of cleaning

Traditional methods of cleaning include getting down on your knees, applying detergent. And scrubbing walls or floors, or any surface, to remove debris. Using a high pressure cleaner allows the user to remove dirt. And any other unwanted substances by simply standing. And aiming the force of the water towards the area that needs to be cleaned.

It saves you time

Using a pressure washer eliminates the need to spend time preparing the cleaning solution. And more importantly, cleaning up the mess manually.

It is environment-friendly

Unless the area you need to clean is extremely dirty, full of stubborn stains, oil or grease stains. Water pressure cleaning does not require a cleaning solution to complete the job. Even with tough stains. The heating unit that comes with a pressure washer can be use to heat water to effectively clean any surface area.

Since most cleaning solutions contain toxic chemicals that can potentially harm the environment. Using pressure washers helps reduce the risk of these toxic substances falling into water drains. Or other areas of your home or business establishment.

Hire Company

Although the benefits of using a high pressure cleaning are obvious. Some are still hesitant to use it because of the additional cost of purchasing the equipment. If so, another great option is to hire the services of a company that specializes in water pressure cleaning to be able to save money.

High pressure water cleaners, sometimes referred to as water blasters, are very popular for cleaning anything from your car, boat, patio, driveway, and your home. Or come to think of it, anything! The high pressure gives water an intensity that makes it a very efficient and effective way to clean very large areas very quickly.

For those who plan on hiring a company to do the cleaning be sure to compare a few companies. And choose the best high pressure jetting equipment. And those that are highly rate by older customers. It’s a great way to make sure In order to get a fair price. And also to make sure when hiring a company they are going to clean, no matter what areas of the home or commercial property, via a high pressure jetting system Had to.

If your home or office has lost its appeal due to weather conditions or negligence in thorough cleaning. Then it’s time to opt for the high pressure water cleaning or high pressure cleaning services of an industry expert.


Awash pressure cleaning is a pioneer in graffiti removal and paint stripping services. Our exclusively developed cleaning techniques use force of water with pressure to clean the stains and dirt.

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