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Why is Computer Science a Popular Stream for B. Tech?

We live in a society where computer science has its presence in all spheres of human lives. Computer science has become an indispensable part of our lives, ranging from smartphones to laptops and the internet to social media applications. Computer science impacts everyone in one way or the other. Furthermore, the growth of Information Technology (IT) over the past decade presents an opportunity for tech-savvy who seek to contribute significantly to making the world a better and more connected place. Career opportunities, high earning potential, and opportunities to showcase one’s creativity make b tech computer science and engineering a more popular choice among prospective students.

That’s not all. The advancement of technology in various computer science fields, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, cloud computing, blockchain, and cybersecurity, attracts many students to opt for computer science specialisation in B. Tech. This blog will delve into the top compelling reasons that make computer science the most in-demand engineering stream in 2022.

  1. The CSE branch offers a host of career options

The four-year B. Tech in computer science programme equips students with a wide range of practical and theoretical knowledge in software, hardware, networking, coding, and programming. Students also deeply understand algorithms, architecture, mathematics, and database learning during the course. Gaining skills and knowledge in multiple areas allows students to work in various industries.


  1. Computer science engineering graduates are in high demand

Computer science engineering graduates have an in-depth knowledge of computer programming, networking, algorithms, designing, hardware, languages, and software. Extensive knowledge in a variety of disciplines in computer science gives them an upper hand in landing well-paying jobs in leading tech giants, such as Meta, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Netflix.


  1. High earnings

The latest Forbes report suggests that computer science engineers are among the highest-paid professionals. All the career paths in computer science engineering pay well. As the demand for computer science professionals is relatively high, tech giants pay big fat pay checks to them for their skills and experience. According to AmbitioBox, an entry-level computer engineer in India makes INR 4,50,000 per year, while an experienced engineer earns INR 33.30 lakhs per year.


  1. Variety of specialisations

The four-year computer science engineering programme enables students to develop skills and competencies in various fields, such as machine learning, cloud computing, natural learning processing, data analytics, the internet of things, cloud computing, and so on. Students can also choose to develop technical skills in any of these topics based on their interests. Engineering schools in Dehradun offer B. Tech CSE courses with various specialisation options.

Lastly, studying engineering in computer science also provides opportunities to make a positive difference in the world. The course is the perfect path for those looking to leverage their love for technology to make the world a better place through their creativity, innovations, and works. Sign up for the course at top engineering schools to launch a career in computer science.

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